Certain eligible non-borrowing spouses may avoid foreclosure thanks to the new guidelines released by the FHA on Friday, June 12. According to the new guidelines, as released in Mortgagee Letter 2015-15 , when a borrower passes away, a lender may choose to foreclose the home or use a mortgagee optional election Assignment (MOE).

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DPA Grant, CCA Grant, Plus Second Mortgage, MCC, FHA, VA, and RHS – Yes, Affidavit (Exhibit E2) signed by all borrowers and non-borrowing occupants.

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property states and the debts of a non-borrowing spouse. Dear Mr.. Spouse's Debt. The Federal Housing Administration, hereinafter “FHA”, was created.

All owners of the home must acknowledge that you are borrowing money against the home. Community Property States. In Community Property States, not only does your spouse have to sign the legal docs, but they are also financially responsible for the mortgage regardless of whether or not they are on the loan.

For instance, they might make a six-figure salary, but if they’re spending 99 percent of that income, there’s no way to save.

Non-borrowing/Non-qualifying spouse (NBS or NQS) – In either a purchase or a refinance transaction, a spouse who is not a borrower on the loan and will not sign the promissory note. The terms "non-borrowing spouse" and "non-qualifying spouse" mean the same thing.

 · Mortgage, Community Property State, and the Non-Purchasing Spouse: What You Need to Know.. California, Community Property State, FHA Loan, Mortgage, Non-borrowing Spouse, Non-Purchasing Spouse, USDA Loan, VA Loan. CA Conforming / fha loan limits Dropping Oct. 1, 2011. How Will it Affect You?

This portion of the fha loan rules introduces the concept by explaining, "If the Borrower resides in a community property state or the Property being insured is located in a community property state, debts of the non-borrowing spouse must be included in the borrowers qualifying ratios, except for obligations specifically excluded by state law."

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Fha Loan Michigan Requirements FHA 203k Loan Requirements fall within fha mortgage lending guidelines. borrowers needs at least a 580 credit score, needs a 3.5% down payment on the after improved value, and must meet all other FHA Mortgage Lending Guidelines .